Scandinavian remote work design

At Adea Smartwork, we’re committed to making your everyday life better, one piece of furniture at a time. As our name suggests, we’re focused on enhancing your remote working experience, whether it’s at home, at a hotel or somewhere else.


Out of sight, out of mind

“When the job is done, its doors can be easily closed, to hide everything away. This makes it easier to focus on the essentials and draw the line between work and leisure. Your commute home has never been shorter than just closing the Fokus doors.”

– Mikko Laakkonen


Designed by Mikko Laakkonen, Fokus may look like an ordinary cabinet but hidden inside is a home office complete with a heigh-adjustable desk. Neatly concealed behind the doors is plenty of storage space for your computer, screen, printer, and other essentials.

Fokus was designed with ergonomics in mind, and it’s intended to provide the kind of comfortable work set up that can be difficult to achieve at home. It delivers office-grade comfort without ever looking out of place.

When you’ve finished work for the day, you simply shut the doors. With your desk out of sight and out of mind, it’s much easier to transition from work mode to truly enjoying your free time.

As the desk is height-adjustable, you can easily switch between working positions throughout the day. It comes with three memory settings that allow you to adjust the height to your liking, hassle-free, at any time.

One Fokus, two sizes

Everyone has different needs for their home office, which is why Fokus comes in two different widths, 100cm and 150cm.

The doors have been designed to open fully and sit flat against the sides. This means they are out of your way, and you can make efficient use of your space.

Fokus 100

At 100 cm wide, the smaller Fokus offers plenty of space for one large screen and a wireless keyboard. There’s also room for your other home office essentials.

Fokus 150

The larger, 150 cm wide Fokus, is large enough to accommodate two screens and keyboards, side-by-side. As you’d expect, there’s room for your other office essentials.

Fokus cabinets are available in the following colors 


natural oak
veneer (not available to Fokus 150)

white lacquer
ash veneer

black oak

Fokus cabinets are fitted with adjustable black metal legs


Beautiful ergonomics

“Working from home is not just a temporary solution and therefore the goal has been to develop a piece of furniture that blends in with the rest of the room. You should be able to sit and work in the most beautiful place of your home, in front of a window or in the middle of the living room.”

– Alexander Lervik


The Kabinett home office by designer Alexander Lervik can go wherever you need it – it works equally well against the wall, under the window or behind your sofa, like a room divider.

Sleek and minimalist in design, Kabinett looks like an ordinary sideboard but comes with built-in technology that turns it into a height-adjustable desk at the push of a button.  We all have our preferred working positions, but at Adea we believe that everyone deserves to work in comfort, even when working from home. That’s why we’ve made sure that Kabinett offers an optimal experience when it comes to ergonomics.

When you’re done for the day, you simply lower the desktop to transform Kabinett back into a stylish piece of furniture.

Kabinett Basic

Kabinett Laptop

Kabinett versions

Kabinett Basic

Kabinett Basic comes with a height-adjustable desk and shelf space for your office supplies. The desktop has openings that allow you to run your cables neatly.

Kabinett Laptop

In addition to a height-adjustable desk, Kabinett Laptop has a separate storage compartment for a laptop. The desktop has openings that allow you to run your cables neatly.

Kabinett furniture is available in the following colors

natural oak

white lacquer
ash veneer

black oak

Adea Smartwork launch event

At the launch of Adea Smartwork on November 26, 2020, designer Alexander Lervik, researcher Lena Lid-Falkman from Stockholm School of Economics, and Sonya Simmonds, directors of Workplace, Design & Build Global Workplace Services at Spotify, discussed teleworking, its impact on management, work, and the opportunities it offers to employees. The event was moderated by Hanna Nova Beatrice.

Adea Smartwork

Adea Smartwork is furniture manufacturer Adea’s new collection, which aims to improve people’s daily lives one piece of furniture at a time. As the name implies, Adea Smartwork focuses on improving the working environment, especially in homes, hotels, and other places typical to remote work.

The idea for Adea Smartwork originated with a discussion over a cup of coffee in November 2019. Adea CEO Esa Mäkitalo and designer Mikko Laakkonen discussed how the world would change with remote work becoming increasingly popular in the future. At that time, there was not really any home office furniture on the market that would have been designed especially for homes, and that would meet the ergonomic requirements while keeping the homey coziness in mind. Back then, neither Esa nor Mikko had any idea of how fast the world would shift into remote working in the spring of 2020.

“Remote working was already increasing before the pandemic began. We believe this change in people’s behavior is here to stay. Companies are now encouraging their employees to work from home, but there is a major need for better furniture adapted to working remotely that is ergonomic and fits into the home environment.” Esa Mäkitalo says.

Remote Work – the new normal?

According to a report from Novus (September 2020) to study what office workers think about the working environment at home, nine out of ten respondents say they want to continue to work remotely at least one day a week. Seventy per cent of the respondents say they have enjoyed working from home. However, nearly thirty per cent of the respondents have had problems with back, shoulder and neck pain – problems they had not previously experienced. For that reason, it is important to take care of good ergonomics also when working remotely.